Niccolò Lapo Latini, born in 1998, is a Project Manager from Italy based in Milan who works in the Fashion Industry, News & Culture Business and in the World of Figurative Arts. After an academic past of classical and humanistic studies, he deepened his knowledge of cinematography and music. He began directing live exhibitions of Chinese and Ukrainian artists in galleries around Italy until he met the Fashion Industry thanks to Fila Europe, Barcelona 2019. Soon, a series of collaborations, first in London with Wonderland and Apple, then over with Leica France opened the doors to the world of News & Culture too. At the same time, his studies and research led him to the management of projects in the Metaverse and to his first touch point with NFTs, working with SuperRare and Nifty Gateway up to his first experience at La Biennale di Venezia 2022. Together with Reebok and Vanity Teen, he was honored by the Type Directors Club as Excellence for Best Typography & Design 2022. Guiding talents through international collaborations of absolute fame, he has directed world-renowned fashion campaigns and editorial covers for magazines worldwide. Since 2021, Official Partner of the Babolat Family from Lyon.